Five Survivors, a Hundred Lives

Stories about Trauma and Dissociation

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The book was published in Berne, Switzerland, at The european conference 2017 of trauma and dissociation.

Five Survivors, a Hundred Lives is a book that will help us understand trauma and dissociation: that is, the way mistreatment in childhood can have an impact on one’s life and personality structure. The book brings a new level to a collective awareness that is being created. With this new awareness, trauma-related mental health problems can be met in an appropriate and healing way.
Psychopharmaceuticals largely dominate treatment practices in psychiatry. Therefore, it is beneficial to hear about the life events that lie behind psychological symptoms. Five brave people have decided to share their stories in these pages. This is extremely important, as it is hard to identify with descriptions of neurotransmitters in the brain.

Five Survivors, a Hundred Lives book offers the reader the possibility of identification and hope for a better future. At the same time, hopefully it will give an increasing number of new people the courage to tell their stories and move from shame to living life to the fullest.

trauma can be healed.

The book

Five Survivors, A Hundred Lives will be published at Berne Switzerland at the international ESTD Trauma Conference November 2017!

219 pages, five stories, pictures and paintings. All written and made by the survivors. Available in Amazon world wide. Book is also available  in digital eBook formats at Amazon and iBookstore. 

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What is dissociation?

Etymologically, the word “trauma” means “damage” or “wound”. Even professionals often mix things up, and “trauma” is quite commonly used to refer to an experience or event in a person’s life. However, “trauma” should be used to refer specifically to the emotional damage an event has caused in a person. This becomes much simpler if, in looking for a definition, we return to Pierre Janet’s ideas.”Emotional trauma” refers to psychophysical damage manifested as a splitting of the personality.”

meet the authors

All of the five writers are trauma survivors who all share the experience of living with dissociative disorder.

Anssi Leikola

psychiatrist, therapist, author, trauma survivor

Seija Hirstiö

a mother, designer, documentarist, author, trauma survivor

Kaisa Klapuri

language teacher, author, trauma survivor

Carita Kilpinen

a mother, entrepreneur, graphic designer, artist, trauma survivor

Inari Heikkilä

trauma survivor

English translation from Finnish by KAIJA ANTTONEN

Proofreading by MICHAEL HURD

Watch the video

This video was first presented in ESTD – Trauma and Dissociation conference in Bern, Switzerland, in 11.11.2017 as a part of our presentation and Five Survivors, a Hundred Lives – book publishing event.

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